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No output artifacts (e.g. outputs) produced


Path Entry Contributor Instigator Id Annotation
/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/lib/tools.jar vmgump


Project Dependencies

Name Type Inheritence Ids State FOG Notes
apr-1-buildconf None All Success 1.00

Total Project Dependencies : 1

Project Dependees

Name Type Inheritence Ids State FOG Notes
apr-1-make None All Success 1.00
tomcat-native-12-buildconf None All Success 1.00
tomcat-native-12-configure NoClasspath None All Success 0.99 Info:Property Dependency for --with-apr
tomcat-native-trunk-buildconf None All Success 1.00
tomcat-native-trunk-configure NoClasspath None All Success 0.98 Info:Property Dependency for --with-apr
tomcat-native-buildconf None All Success 1.00
tomcat-native-configure NoClasspath None All Success 0.94 Info:Property Dependency for --with-apr

Total Project Dependees : 7

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