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Directory Contents

Filename Type Size
.checkstyle File 819
.gitattributes File 665
.gitignore File 340 File 2934
INSTALL File 126
KEYS File 92261
LICENSE File 15289
NOTICE File 305
README File 4344
ReleaseInstructions File 12721
STATUS File 541
WHATSNEW File 244574 File 1237
apache-ant-1.10.3alpha Directory N/A
bootstrap Directory N/A
bootstrap.bat File 4563 File 4766
build Directory N/A
build.bat File 1640 File 1930
build.xml File 81510
check.xml File 14439
contributors.xml File 30925
dist Directory N/A
distribution Directory N/A
docs.xml File 1659
fetch.xml File 13425
get-m2.xml File 4445
java-repository Directory N/A
launch-build.xml File 1826
lib Directory N/A
manual Directory N/A
patch.xml File 1915
release Directory N/A File 2054 File 165
sonarqube.xml File 968
src Directory N/A

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